Our company is well-known Load Indicator Manufacturer at Competitive market price

Load indicator works in hassle free manner giving the high-performance output. It has the compact design and prolonged functional life. The product has 6 digits LED display with great software calibration. Load indicator is suitable for monitoring and managing application in force and load of measuring and testing machines.


The device is controlled by microprocessors that are highly suitable for weighing and batching application. Load Indicator are dimensional accurate and design makes it exceptionally suitable for the harsh working environment. It offers an extensive range of configuration to meet the requirements of all types of cranes.

We are supreme load indicator manufacturer and we believe in providing finer quality of the products. All our products have extensive use in the industries like automotive, aerospace and automated industries. We manufacture our products using exclusive raw materials to meet the international standards and fulfill the clients need.

Load Indicator

A Load Indicator is a gadget which is introduced on versatile or entry cranes to caution the administrator if the lift is surpassing the safe working scope of the hardware. Now and again, the gadget will physically secure the apparatus circumstances it decides to be hazardous. The frameworks are normally made out of a microchip associated with different sensors on the crane itself.


The Load Indicator measures the edge and augmentation of the blast alongside the heap weight and contrasts this and the maker’s determinations to figure out whether the lift is safe.

A sheltered burden marker has the capacity of distinguishing the edge; weight of burden lifted, and ground range of any lifting gadget. Load Indicator controls the lifting hardware to the level that it tries to keep the apparatus working according to the maker’s proposed security graphs.

The crane is fitted with various sensors, for each of the deliberate parameters, which are then further showed in the administrator’s lodge for his advantage.

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Load Cell Indicator Manufacturer

At Rudrra, we have the cleverest and most innovative devices up our sleeves. As one of the leading Load Cell Indicator Manufacturers, we have the best LED Load Cell Indicator for you.


We are always all set to impress and satisfy our clientele with our products hence, there are a certain features in this device that are bound to catch hold your attraction. You can have up to six control outputs that are conducted in a relayed form. If you want to use it with a printer or computer interface, you can very easily do it with the help of a parallel port or else a serial port as well.

This device has a cabinet that is designed to help you keep important things inside. Moreover, you can conduct dribble, medium and even full flow control that can be set up according to your needs. You can avail this piece of equipment at a very reasonable price at our stores.

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Load Indicator Manufacture and Supplier

The professionals at Rudrra have always aimed at high-end performance that shall be able to attract its customers. This is the same in case of our durable and robust Load Indicator. Our teams have made it put of stainless steel, which gives the machine its lustre and a class of its own.

load Indicator

The appearance is not only its attraction. A set of features have also been infused which lend to its appeal. You can conduct accurate batch control with the help of its 0.05% of accuracy which is allowed for a full scale basis.

Moreover, we have infused the magic of technology in this machine in the forms of automatic feeding system suitable for your industrial needs.

It has a power supply of 230VAC and 50 HZ. Our professionals have designed it with in-built filling and packaging machine. The weight indicator that comes with this device is capable of preventing you to overload your machine with heavy weight. You can get this intelligently fabricated piece of equipment at a reasonable price from our store.

Rudrra Sensor are Manufacture and Supplier the best load indicator.


Column Type Load Cell (RS 3)

Column Type Load Cell (RS 3) displays remarkable expertise in several weight checking machinery.  The load cell has been developed to be superior in harsh applications.

The dashing high-grade stainless steel construction enriches not just its appearance but also strengthens its ability. As a result, it is able to perform at the top level for ages.

With the complete protection from overload, rust, corrosion or abrasion, the Column Type Load Cell ( (RS 3) model is far superior to other contemporary load cell. The standard weight checking technology makes it stand out.

Column type load cell Diagram

The machine is hermetically welded as well as sealed to IP68. The mounting accessories allow it to be installed with utmost convenience. Standing up to the expectation through adorable performance, it has been successful in carving a special niche in the global market.


Developed for Harsh Application

Hermetically welded as well as perfectly sealed to IP68

Column design

Flawless functionality


Rudrra Sensor – Pan Cake Load Cell

Welcome to Rudrra Sensor! Keeping only the substantial standard of goods, we have developed ourselves as the pre-eminent manufacturer of Pan Cake Load Cell. There is a great variety of the load cells available from us. Of them, Pan Cake Load Cell is definitely worth mentioning in the top list. It has various distinct features in it. Let us go through the features of it.


Features of Pan Cake Load Cell:

  • Pan Cake Load Cell is obtainable from the smallest size that it from 0.1 kilogram to the thousand and five hundred tons.
  • Its measurement aspect is right to the point.
  • You can receive customized products.
  • The easy accessibility to install and use.
  • The designs are manufactured as per our clients’ requirements.
  • The robustness of Pan Cake Load Cell is same as that of Giant sequoia! I mean it is really quite rigid.
  • It is easy operating.

Our base is located in Ahmadabad but we’re supplying goods at international level. If your wish is to get the optimum quality of load cells and other goods then you are at the very right place. We are the suppliers of different types of goods including load cells, strain gauge, adhesive accessories, load indicator, pressure transducer. To know more visit our website www.rudrra.com or email us at info@rudrra.com now.

Shackle Type Crane Scale Load Cell (RSL 305) — Known For Excellent Performance

Shackle Type Crane Scale Load Cell (RSL 305) finds its indispensable usability in hanging scale, tension testing machineries, tank weighing and more in various industries. Structured with the use of latest equipments, it has been prepared using high grade alloy steel.

The ultra-rigid construction speaks volume of its widely acknowledged strength. Being able to resist abrasion as well as corrosion, it has an unreleasable durability.

100/150 ton Crane Scale Load Cell 100/150 ton Crane Scale Load Cell

Understanding the requirement of supremely robust technology that can withstand not only extreme overload but also remain secured from any shock, Rudrra Sensor, the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Shackle Type load cell, has emphasized on empowering both the internal and external strength.

The innovative load cell is available in 100/150 ton Crane Scale models. Besides, all the features can be customized to suit individual needs.

Made in perfect harmony with global standard, it displays unrivaled performance. Due only to the praiseworthy output, it is considered to be the model for other similar products in the market.