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Unlike before, modern load cells are exceptionally versatile. Boasting of superior technologies, they are far more capable than ever before. Besides being unbelievably advanced, they are very convenient in use.

The use of superior technologies has made them more efficient. Moreover, they no longer require high maintenance and come with enough strength to survive for a long time.

Load Cell Manufacturer
Load Cell Manufacturer

Rudrra Sensor is the renowned name in the field of load cell technology. Being around for one and a half decades, the most trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of widest assortment of advanced load cells has become the identity of reliability in the industry.

With praiseworthy approach towards dealing with clients and the commitment to serve the invaluable customers through highly innovative products, the brand has become a global figure.

With an eye to meeting every requirement of clients, we work in accordance with what they look for. Our fair business ethics has been one of the keys to our success.


The Trusted Brand of Load Cell Technology – Rudrra Sensor

Load cells are widely used in number applications like, aerospace, automotive to measure electric signal. With rapid increase in industries along with the usability of load cell in many applications, their demand had been so high before.

The quality of standard load cells largely depend on innovative technologies, expertise and most noticeably; skilled manpower. Without these much needed components in the production, quality products can’t be manufactured.

load cell
load cell

Rudrra Sensor is recognized as the pioneer of load cell technology. Through extra-ordinary range of products designed to best meet every possible industrial need, it strives to offer the utmost satisfaction to clients.

Whether it is the standard quality or the required maximum output, they are unrivalled. The customer-oriented approach along with the praiseworthy business ethics have been the true identification of Rudrra Sensor since beginning.

Giving utmost priority to the excellence of products, it employs forward techniques and instinctive approach to prepare better machinery.

Leading Load Cell Supplier & Exporter in Ahmedabad

Rudrra Sensor specializes in manufacturing the extra-ordinary range of load cells. Having around fifteen years of expertise in producing advanced load cell technologies, it serves both national and international clients.

Putting more emphasis on the research and development in order to produce the futuristic products, we make sure our technologies have the defining standard and most importantly capable in full-filling the fast changing needs of the industries.

load cell
load cell

As the trusted load cell manufacturer & exporter, we believe in innovation and always strive to supply the product that is highly innovative in terms of usability. The prime reason of our successful journey has been the long-driven desire to create the technologies that can bring about a huge difference in the industry.

Apart from developing the most comprehensive range of standard load cell that match industrial needs, we also modify them perfectly to meet our clients requirements.

As the leading organization, we understand our responsibility towards society. By creating more jobs opportunities, developing the environment-friendly products, we contribute in taking the society forward.

Why Tension Load Cell is top selling product in S type Load Cell?

Tension type of load cells are basically used to measure tensile loads. They are appropriate for applications such as crane weighing scales, lifting systems, hanging scales, etc. The S type load cell – tension load cell  is in demand for industrial applications which require high accuracy. The main reason as to why it is top selling product is that it has larger capacity column and is ideally fit for using in different hazardous areas. Besides this, it is very robust and serves its purpose well.

tension load cell
                                                                   Tension load cell

Some top reasons as to why Tension Load Cell is top selling product:

  • It is easy to install
  • Gives out high performance
  • Overload protection
  • Compact design best suits tight environment
  • Useful for measuring both tensile forces
  • High weighing capacity with high accuracy

Thus, the above stated reasons make tension load cell suitable for industry applications and makes it highly opted product in S type load cell.

Load Cell—The Perfect Technology to Measure Electrical Signal

Load Cell is a specific type of transducer. It is used to create electrical signal which magnitude is in propionate with the force being measured. There are various types of load cells such as, strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cell and pneumatic load cells.

Strain Gauge Load Cells

Strain gauge load cell are comparatively more popular as they are widely used. These load cells are robust and have better resonance value. As compared to other load cells, strain gauge load cells last longer.

Hydraulic Load Cells

Hydraulic load cells use cylinder arrangement and conventional piston. Though these load cells are highly effective and useful, they are most expensive.

Pneumatic Load Cells

These load cells are capable of regulating balancing pressure automatically. In order to measure the pressure inside the cell, a pressure gauge is attached with the pneumatic cells.

Other Types of Load Cells

Vibrating wire load cells that are specifically used in geo-mechanical applications and Capacitive load cells.


load cells
Load cell manufacturer, Load cell supplier

Highly Accurate

It has been basically developed to measure strain, converting force into electric energy which can be used as measurement. It makes the task of measuring electric energy not only highly accurate for scientists and workers but also safe.


Load cells are primarily used in various types of measuring instruments. As for instances, laboratory balances, industrial scales, university testing machines, load-testing machines, flow-meters etc.

Rudrra Sensor—The Premium Manufacturer of Load Cells

Rudrra Sensor has come to be recognized as the manufacturer of highly advanced Load Cells. With over 13 years of invaluable of experience, the premium load cell manufacturer has become a well-known name.

Equipped with the team of most experienced engineers, highly dedicated professionals and the ultra-modern infrastructure, Rudrra Sensor has both the manpower and the innovative technologies to produce the exceptional load cells.

Remarkably Efficient

We are appreciated for the remarkably efficient load cells which are far more capable, convenient and efficient than any other load cells.

Quality Material

We never compromise on quality. Our manufactured load cells have defined the premium quality and are synonymous of matchless performance. Besides offering the much needed high output, they are very easy-to-use. Our invaluable customers not just like our products but also consider them the perfect parameter of a genuine load cell.

S Type Load Cell
S Type Load Cell

S Type Load Cell

We provide advanced S Type Load Cells. They have the expertise and the quality to be the leader of their times. They boast of ultra-modern technology and capable of doing their job flawlessly.

Complete Range of Sheer Beam Load Cell

Rudrra Sensor provides an exclusive range of Sheer Beam Load Cells. They come with various sizes, shapes and designs.

Shear beam load cell
Shear beam load cell

Matched With International Standard

Our products are matched with international standard. They are unbeatable in terms of performance. The superior quality reinforces not just their strength but also helps them last longer than others.

Simply the Best in the Business

Our products are used in many industries such as, aerospace and automated industries. They have the strength to offer maximum output. Our customers are spread all over the country and the world.