Rudrra Sensor – Pan Cake Load Cell

Welcome to Rudrra Sensor! Keeping only the substantial standard of goods, we have developed ourselves as the pre-eminent manufacturer of Pan Cake Load Cell. There is a great variety of the load cells available from us. Of them, Pan Cake Load Cell is definitely worth mentioning in the top list. It has various distinct features in it. Let us go through the features of it.


Features of Pan Cake Load Cell:

  • Pan Cake Load Cell is obtainable from the smallest size that it from 0.1 kilogram to the thousand and five hundred tons.
  • Its measurement aspect is right to the point.
  • You can receive customized products.
  • The easy accessibility to install and use.
  • The designs are manufactured as per our clients’ requirements.
  • The robustness of Pan Cake Load Cell is same as that of Giant sequoia! I mean it is really quite rigid.
  • It is easy operating.

Our base is located in Ahmadabad but we’re supplying goods at international level. If your wish is to get the optimum quality of load cells and other goods then you are at the very right place. We are the suppliers of different types of goods including load cells, strain gauge, adhesive accessories, load indicator, pressure transducer. To know more visit our website or email us at now.