Column Type Load Cell (RS 3)

Column Type Load Cell (RS 3) displays remarkable expertise in several weight checking machinery.  The load cell has been developed to be superior in harsh applications.

The dashing high-grade stainless steel construction enriches not just its appearance but also strengthens its ability. As a result, it is able to perform at the top level for ages.

With the complete protection from overload, rust, corrosion or abrasion, the Column Type Load Cell ( (RS 3) model is far superior to other contemporary load cell. The standard weight checking technology makes it stand out.

Column type load cell Diagram

The machine is hermetically welded as well as sealed to IP68. The mounting accessories allow it to be installed with utmost convenience. Standing up to the expectation through adorable performance, it has been successful in carving a special niche in the global market.


Developed for Harsh Application

Hermetically welded as well as perfectly sealed to IP68

Column design

Flawless functionality