Shackle type Load Cell

Shackle Type Load Cell has been constructed for weighing and lifting in harsh and rugged surroundings. The load shackles are manufactured from carbon steel of high tensile. The shackle load cell comprises a shackle and a transducer. They offer reliable and simple methods for measuring an extensive collection of loads and weights.

Shackle type load cell

A revolving bobbin can be provided to centralize the load and reduce the point load effect. The shackle will be manufactured in stainless steel to survive the tough industrial environment. The load shackles are completely submersible for offshore and sub sea implementations. The load shackle is also used in aircraft repairing and manufacturing, heavy lifting, manufacturing, and construction.

The Shackle type load cell is easy to install and operate robust construction which makes it ideal to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The equipment is light in weight with compact size. The shackle type load cell is tested at various parameters to verify its working ability, bearing capacity and many other features.

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Load Cell Manufacturer in India

A Load cell is fundamentally a gadget that is utilized as a part of measuring the strain and changing over the power into electric vitality which will fill in as a mean of estimation for the specialists and researchers. The strains that are measured by the heap cells end up being a noteworthy help in keeping up honesty of the underweight unit and it additionally assumes a main part in ensuring the gear and individuals that are close by.

Load Cell
S Type Load Cell

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The Load cell Manufacturer in India makes an extensive variety of premium load cells for different modern applications. The sorts are:

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