Load Cell Indicator – An integral part of basic Weighing Instruments

Load cell indicators are a part of the wide range of electronic measuring instruments that offer great precision and accuracy. These extremely easy to use and convenient instruments are designed for implementation in various applications.

Load Cell Indicator
Load Cell Indicator

The Load Cell Indicator Manufacturer offers them in various specifications to meet the diverse needs of clients. Are you searching for one of the best manufacturers of the Industry? if yes, then we recommend you to get in touch with the experts of the company for more information. Rudrra is one of the trusted companies of the industry on which you can surely bank for quality products.

Things To Expect From a Load Cell Indicator Supplier

When dealing with a Load Cell Indicator Supplier, it is important for the customers to know what to expect from them. It is the responsibility of the supplier to inform the customers about any warranty offered on the product.

Load Cell Indicator
Load Cell Indicator

The suppliers should also ensure that the customers are well aware of the proper usage of the instrument.  Desperately in need of Load Cell Indicator Supplier? If yes, then get in touch with the competent team of Rudrra. The experts here will guide you in picking the right piece at that too at an affordable price range.

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Load Indicator

A Load Indicator is a gadget which is introduced on versatile or entry cranes to caution the administrator if the lift is surpassing the safe working scope of the hardware. Now and again, the gadget will physically secure the apparatus circumstances it decides to be hazardous. The frameworks are normally made out of a microchip associated with different sensors on the crane itself.


The Load Indicator measures the edge and augmentation of the blast alongside the heap weight and contrasts this and the maker’s determinations to figure out whether the lift is safe.

A sheltered burden marker has the capacity of distinguishing the edge; weight of burden lifted, and ground range of any lifting gadget. Load Indicator controls the lifting hardware to the level that it tries to keep the apparatus working according to the maker’s proposed security graphs.

The crane is fitted with various sensors, for each of the deliberate parameters, which are then further showed in the administrator’s lodge for his advantage.

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Load Cell Indicator Manufacturer

At Rudrra, we have the cleverest and most innovative devices up our sleeves. As one of the leading Load Cell Indicator Manufacturers, we have the best LED Load Cell Indicator for you.


We are always all set to impress and satisfy our clientele with our products hence, there are a certain features in this device that are bound to catch hold your attraction. You can have up to six control outputs that are conducted in a relayed form. If you want to use it with a printer or computer interface, you can very easily do it with the help of a parallel port or else a serial port as well.

This device has a cabinet that is designed to help you keep important things inside. Moreover, you can conduct dribble, medium and even full flow control that can be set up according to your needs. You can avail this piece of equipment at a very reasonable price at our stores.

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Load Indicator Manufacture and Supplier

The professionals at Rudrra have always aimed at high-end performance that shall be able to attract its customers. This is the same in case of our durable and robust Load Indicator. Our teams have made it put of stainless steel, which gives the machine its lustre and a class of its own.

load Indicator

The appearance is not only its attraction. A set of features have also been infused which lend to its appeal. You can conduct accurate batch control with the help of its 0.05% of accuracy which is allowed for a full scale basis.

Moreover, we have infused the magic of technology in this machine in the forms of automatic feeding system suitable for your industrial needs.

It has a power supply of 230VAC and 50 HZ. Our professionals have designed it with in-built filling and packaging machine. The weight indicator that comes with this device is capable of preventing you to overload your machine with heavy weight. You can get this intelligently fabricated piece of equipment at a reasonable price from our store.

Rudrra Sensor are Manufacture and Supplier the best load indicator.