Load Cell Manufacturers

If you are looking for the highly accurate and best device to measure the product weight, load cells are the right choice for your weight measurement needs. These kinds of devices are used for measuring tension, shearing forces, bending forces, and tension.


The Load Cell Manufacturers provide highly customized solutions which are offered based on your individual needs and requirements. The manufacturing team has specialized skills to understand your needs and requirements and meet them accordingly. They provide you the best range of load cells that are available at very competitive rates. The cost-effectiveness helps you to save money and enjoy precise measurement results.

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Load Cell Manufacturer in India

The load cells are devices that help industries to measure the weight of various products in an accurate manner. The Load Cell Manufacturer in India use the latest technologies to manufacture the best kind of load cells.  It is significant to note that these load cells are made by using universally-accepted materials.

loadcell imageThe most attractive features of these tools are that they are offering flawless accuracy and better efficiency. Apart from that, the load cells also bring you the much required convenient. The load cells are completely user-friendly, so you can use them properly to receive highly accurate measurement results.

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Load Cell Manufacturer in India

Canister sort made by Load Cell Manufacturers in India have been around for quite a while and have a tendency to be the business standard for most high limit and pressure applications. Canister sort load cells are utilized for single and multi-measuring applications.


This kind of cell has a catch on the base side and can be utilized as a part of pressure. Canister sort load cells are utilized as a part of tank scales, vessel measuring applications, hub measuring scales, truck measuring, vehicle scales and weight bridges. For medium to high limit applications, the twofold finished shear bar offers various points of interest over different outlines.

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Load Cell Manufacturer in India

A Load cell is fundamentally a gadget that is utilized as a part of measuring the strain and changing over the power into electric vitality which will fill in as a mean of estimation for the specialists and researchers. The strains that are measured by the heap cells end up being a noteworthy help in keeping up honesty of the underweight unit and it additionally assumes a main part in ensuring the gear and individuals that are close by.

Load Cell
S Type Load Cell

On the off chance that you have been hunting down high caliber, powerful and productive load cells then the learning of the famous load cell maker in India will definitely affirm for you that your desires can be accomplished as a general rule.

The Load cell Manufacturer in India makes an extensive variety of premium load cells for different modern applications. The sorts are:

  • Single sheer load cell
  • Double finished shear bar stack cell
  • Compression stack cell
  • Button sort stack cell
  • Special stack cell
  • Crane stack cell
  • Digital stack cell
  • Shear stick stack cell, and some more

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Rudrra Sensor—Wish You a Remarkable Independence Day

Though there are so many festivals that we celebrate proudly every year, no festival can be as auspicious, great and historically incredible than Independence Day. It is on this day that we commit to take our country forward by contributing in its development. This auspicious day inspires all of us to do so something great for the nation.


Industries have always been one of the strongest aspects of India. As the country has achieved great heights in the last few decades and become one of the fastest growing nations on the planets, Industries have played a vital role in its enviable development that has attracted the entire world.

Today, our industries are equipped with all the modern equipments and technologies needed to manufacture, supply and export the most innovative products in the world. That’s the prime reason; they are looked at so advanced and versatile internationally.

Rudrra Sensor, being the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of most advanced load cells, wishes the entire country a great Independence Day. We wish the industries continue to make the nation proud by achieving incomparable heights.

Load Cell—The Perfect Technology to Measure Electrical Signal

Load Cell is a specific type of transducer. It is used to create electrical signal which magnitude is in propionate with the force being measured. There are various types of load cells such as, strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cell and pneumatic load cells.

Strain Gauge Load Cells

Strain gauge load cell are comparatively more popular as they are widely used. These load cells are robust and have better resonance value. As compared to other load cells, strain gauge load cells last longer.

Hydraulic Load Cells

Hydraulic load cells use cylinder arrangement and conventional piston. Though these load cells are highly effective and useful, they are most expensive.

Pneumatic Load Cells

These load cells are capable of regulating balancing pressure automatically. In order to measure the pressure inside the cell, a pressure gauge is attached with the pneumatic cells.

Other Types of Load Cells

Vibrating wire load cells that are specifically used in geo-mechanical applications and Capacitive load cells.


load cells
Load cell manufacturer, Load cell supplier

Highly Accurate

It has been basically developed to measure strain, converting force into electric energy which can be used as measurement. It makes the task of measuring electric energy not only highly accurate for scientists and workers but also safe.


Load cells are primarily used in various types of measuring instruments. As for instances, laboratory balances, industrial scales, university testing machines, load-testing machines, flow-meters etc.

Points to Taken Care when You Buy Load Cell

The selection of load cell should be done by taking into consideration several essential things like cost, number of load cells, basic type, method of mounting, etc.


Load Cell Manufacturer
Load Cell Manufacturer

If you are planning to buy load cell for your purpose, then take into consideration these vital factors:

  • Conduct an online research to list out reputed load cell manufacturer or sellers who offer quality load cells at affordable rates.
  • Make sure you buy the loadcell from the reputed manufacturer or seller
  • Test the quality of load cells before buying them. If you wish, you can ask for demonstration from the seller to ensure that it works perfectly.

There are different types of load cells available and selecting right type might at first sight seem very difficult, but the above mentioned factors will ease your task. Thus, after you determine correct size, their mode of operation and type of the load cell you want to buy, selecting the right load cell becomes little bit easier.

Before you install the load cell there are some aspects that must consider…

The support, it is the most significant obsession for any device, the support plays vital role in the working efficiency as well as accuracy of the load cell. It must be strong and rigid normally it should be thrice rigid then existing apparatus along with the leveled corresponding surface.

These are must handle with care, the paramount accuracy is most imperative for it, for it this is very important to prevent it from the damage during installation as well as transportation. The experts strongly recommended to make use of dummy load for it as well as second foremost thing is, never carry it by cable that should be destructive for it.

When you are installing load cell you need to apply commencement tests to assure the functionality of any device for batter working. Connect it with ordeal circuit and perform the no load test and the compare the result with the calibration datasheet that is provided with it; that give you an idea, is it performing properly or not…!!

After this verification it is ready for installation. But not forget to connect the circuit to earth to prevent it from short circuits fault, natural or accidental surge as well as many additional.

Load Cells, The future of weighing systems – How it Works and what is their functionality??

The present scenario, the electronic weighing machines are basic need of the every most minuscule shop. It is widely use for the applications where the high precision is the paramount factor such as jewellery shops; the load cell is the most significant part of this types of highly accurate electronic weighing scales. Actually load cell is the sensor that senses the force or weight of the object and after I that it provides the output in digital indicator.

Essentially this is one type of transducer that converts the mechanical force in to the digital result. Let’s have some detailed knowledge about the working principle of the said device.

Basically the load cell works on Wheatstone bridge theory. The Wheatstone bridge is an electrical circuit having the two parallel voltage divider circuits basically utilizes to measure the unidentified resistance.

R1 & R2 is the first and R3 & R4 is the second voltage divider circuit. The output would found at the middle nodes of the both voltage dividers. These circuits are able to sense the negligible variations in resistance that is the reason for the unbeatable accuracy. The load cells is not only use for weighing machines but also widely use in load testing equipments, industrial scales and many others. The some of the utilities of the existing machine are as per below.

• It is broadly cell utilized for the research, expansion and testing of the newly designed machine or device; the load sensing is used to determine the operational forces, structural capability of equipment and overload potential.

• The enclosed sensor is capable to sense the smallest variation of values respect to the specified true value to it; for the reason that it is the best suitable device for calibration devices.

• This are also vastly use in jewelry shops where the negligible difference is not acceptable.

It is capable to deliver the extremely accurate result compare to any other devices ; thus because the unique features this are becoming more and more recognized instrument for testing of various equipments, for precise weighting systems, For press pressure control and many other applications. To get the most versatile load cell you can visit http://www.rudrra.com/products/load-cell.html