S Type Load Cells – A Brief Overview

S Type Load Cells are generally used for mechanical to electronic scale conversions. Their compact design features and great accuracy make them a preferred choice for various applications. The S type load cell is installed using rod ends or load buttons, which ensures its excellent performance in both tension and compression applications.

S Type Load Cell

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Why Tension Load Cell is top selling product in S type Load Cell?

Tension type of load cells are basically used to measure tensile loads. They are appropriate for applications such as crane weighing scales, lifting systems, hanging scales, etc. The S type load cell – tension load cell  is in demand for industrial applications which require high accuracy. The main reason as to why it is top selling product is that it has larger capacity column and is ideally fit for using in different hazardous areas. Besides this, it is very robust and serves its purpose well.

tension load cell
                                                                   Tension load cell

Some top reasons as to why Tension Load Cell is top selling product:

  • It is easy to install
  • Gives out high performance
  • Overload protection
  • Compact design best suits tight environment
  • Useful for measuring both tensile forces
  • High weighing capacity with high accuracy

Thus, the above stated reasons make tension load cell suitable for industry applications and makes it highly opted product in S type load cell.

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S Type Load Cell
S Type Load Cell

S Type Load Cell

We provide advanced S Type Load Cells. They have the expertise and the quality to be the leader of their times. They boast of ultra-modern technology and capable of doing their job flawlessly.

Complete Range of Sheer Beam Load Cell

Rudrra Sensor provides an exclusive range of Sheer Beam Load Cells. They come with various sizes, shapes and designs.

Shear beam load cell
Shear beam load cell

Matched With International Standard

Our products are matched with international standard. They are unbeatable in terms of performance. The superior quality reinforces not just their strength but also helps them last longer than others.

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Our products are used in many industries such as, aerospace and automated industries. They have the strength to offer maximum output. Our customers are spread all over the country and the world.

How Tension Load Cell Works???

Tension load cells, also called as transducers, are appropriate for applications such as hanging scales, winching, lifting systems and crane weighing scales. These are made up of a rugged design for resistance to side loading. This kind of load cell provides high capacity weighing with superior accuracy. Many tension load cell manufacturer provide it openings at any one end to allow for easy connection to wire rope, shackles, D links or other rigging.

Tension Load Cell
Tension Load Cell

These transducers work on the principle of web tension measurement and any other tension measurement due to its reliable and accurate signal to controller or an indicator. Actual web tension will be easily measured by tension load cells in almost any moving web or filament. Normally, these are used in fiber processing, filament winding and materials’ applications which require tension control at very low levels. There are many tension load cell suppliers that offer a range of devices to suit your every need.