Making the right choice between custom and standard Tension Load Cell

When it comes to investing in a Tension Load Cell, most buyers feel confused about choosing between the custom and standard version. The choice depends on the type of application for which the cells are to be used. A standard version works fine for generic measurements, while for specific uses, custom cells are preferred.

Tension Load Cell

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Tension Load Cell Manufacturer

It is most comes with unique applications that suitable to use in environments. The Tension Load Cell Manufacturer is elegant to install and versatile to access.  They provide absolute measuring compression and designed to gather tension. It exists with the different range of weights that compression under harsh condition.


Manufacturers are offering the wide assortment to the buyer to pick right product from the online store.  It has the rigid structure which created to choose good quality of the product based on the various parameter.  It is easy for a customer to choose at any time from online. It also gives the simple working procedure.


Tension Load Cell

Tension Load Cells assume a basic part in keeping up safe working conditions in ventures where strain and worry from differing degrees of a load’s quality are in compel. Cutting edge innovation has given enterprises the capacity to make more secure workplaces. Exact weight checking brings about a speedier and more effective arrangement of conveyance.


Load cells are utilized today to weigh modern applications yet this hasn’t generally the case. Before load cells mechanical lever scales were utilized. Mechanical lever scales are precise on the off chance that they are aligned and looked after legitimately. The rule of the mechanical lever scale is either the utilization of a weight adjusting instrument or the recognition of the power created by mechanical levers.

How Tension Load Cell Works???

Tension load cells, also called as transducers, are appropriate for applications such as hanging scales, winching, lifting systems and crane weighing scales. These are made up of a rugged design for resistance to side loading. This kind of load cell provides high capacity weighing with superior accuracy. Many tension load cell manufacturer provide it openings at any one end to allow for easy connection to wire rope, shackles, D links or other rigging.

Tension Load Cell
Tension Load Cell

These transducers work on the principle of web tension measurement and any other tension measurement due to its reliable and accurate signal to controller or an indicator. Actual web tension will be easily measured by tension load cells in almost any moving web or filament. Normally, these are used in fiber processing, filament winding and materials’ applications which require tension control at very low levels. There are many tension load cell suppliers that offer a range of devices to suit your every need.